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¡Vamos a aprender juntos!

Here you will find the educational journey that we are on together laid out week by week.  For parents, this is to serve as a guide to what your students are working on during our time together.  For students, you can come here for reminders of assignments and to see what you are missing if you are sick or have an appointment.

Weekly Agenda
12-16 de septiembre

lunes: This week we will be talking about items used in a school setting. Today we will start that journey by asking, "¿Qué hay en la mochila?"

martes: The next step in this process is to learn how to tell if something is over, under, next to, or inside of another object, so we will be building our own scenarios to model prepositions.

miercoles: Practice, practice, practice of usage of our new vocab through writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

jueves: We will discuss differences between school in Mexico and here in Warsaw.  Students will also prove their understanding by describing a scene in front of them in written and spoken formats.

viernes: Quiz over school materials and prepositions will be followed by a time for students to reflect upon their performance for the week.  We will discuss the importance of thinking outside of ourselves through a look at the life of Pope Francis.

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Created: Aug 13, 2015
Updated: Sep 12, 2016
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