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Important Dates

Parent open house- August 23rd - 6:30-7:30

October 16th- 1st quarter ends

Quiz - 1.1,1.2+1.4 Wednesday, Sept. 6th

Friday, Sept 22nd- 2.1-2.4 Quiz


Quarter 1
Homework Help

I am available after school every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after school until 3:45. 

Week of Sept. 18th-22nd Objectives

Monday- 2.4 "I can solve equations with variables on both sides" hw.- p.100, #11-21 odd

Wednesday- Finish up the lesson 2.4 "I can solve equations with variables on both sides."

Cw/hw - p. 100, #10-22 even, #25-33. 

Review for 2.1-2.4 Quiz 

Friday- 2.1-2.4 Quiz Hw.- Enjoy your Weekend!

Week of September 11th-15th Objectives

Monday- 2.1 "I can write equations from verbal phrases. 

Hw. - pgs. 77+78, #1-14 all + p. 86, #1-15 odd

Tuesday- 2.2 "I can solve one-step equations

Wednesday- 2.3 I can solve multi-step equations. 

Hw. - pg. 94, #12-22 even +#30-38 even.

Week of Sept. 5th-8th Objectives

Monday-Labor Day

Tuesday- Review "Simplifying numerical and variable expressions.  1.1,1.2+1.4 quiz

Wednesday - Quiz over "Simplifying numerical and variable expressions.1.1,1.2 +1.4

Review of power standard 7.C.8 "Solve real-world problems with rational numbers by using one or two operations.  (operations with fractions and decimals)

yellow card activity with fractions, decimals and percents

kahoot-on solving real world problems with rational numbers

Take the success pre-test 

Friday- Problem of the Day- I can write equations from a verbal phrase/ give back quizzes


Week of Aug. 28th-Sept. 1st Objectives

Monday - "Students can use the distributive property to simplify expressions" 

-like term card activity


-Kahoot on simplifying

-Hw/Cw.- page 29, #25-47

Wednesday- NWEA Math Map Testing 

Friday- Review of 1.1,1.2 + 1.4 "Students can translate verbal expressions to algebraic expressions; Students can simplify numerical expressions; and students can simplify variable expressions.

Week of August 21st-25th objectives

Monday-1.1 -  "I can write verbal expressions for variable expressions and I can write algebraic expressions for verbal expressions."  Hw.-none (make sure syllabus is signed by parent and turned in.)

Tuesday-  1.1 Algebraic to verbal expressions continued 

Hw. - p. 7, #19-30

Wednesday- "I can simplify numerical expressions using order of operations." 


-yellow card activity

-cw/hw. - pg. 13, #16-54 even, #65-68


Week of August 16th-18th Objectives

Wednesday- "For students to get to know each other and to start building a community of math learning" 

-student data sheet

- Math partner scavenger hunt

Friday- "For students to get to know each other and to start buiding a community of math learning?

- name game


-find the error in the math equation

- youcubed


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