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Course Description
Length: 9 Weeks
Expand your skills by using computer programs and online applications for desktop publishing, drawing, photo editing, and creating presentations. Students will explore the principles of design based on image selection, text formatting, page layout, and color selections. Students will create projects based on real world challenges that give them the opportunity to construct, edit, and utilize their own drawings and photos. Students will choose their favorite topics and subjects to showcase for their projects. This is a great opportunity for students to combine creativity and technology to showcase their many talents.
What is going on??
Google Classroom

Most of my assignments can be found in Google Classroom. Students should login to Google and access Google Classroom (exactly the same as they do in class) to gain access to the project sheets and to be able to turn in projects. Due dates that are listed in Google Classroom are tentative. Due to the different levels of experience and abilities, there are no penalties for "late" work. All work is due by the last day of each quarter.

Link to Google Classroom:

Google Classroom

Microsoft Office - FREE

The Microsoft Office suite we use at school (Office 2016) is available to students in 5th through 12th grade to download at home.  To access the download, please click on the link below (from home), using your email address, fill out the information and reply to the conformation email. A high speed internet connection is required.

Microsoft Office 365 FREE Download

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