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Welcome to the Edgewood Bands
WELCOME parents & students.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer  vacation.  I look forward to teaching you this semester.  Let's work together to make the 2015-2016 school year excellent!
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Band Handbook

Below is an attachment of the Band Handbook.  This is an overview of the course content, classroom rules, consequences, as well as other frequently asked questions about our band class.


Homework in band class consists of practicing your instrument on a regular basis.  Practice journals are handed out to every student, every week of class.  Students are expected to record their practice time on the journal and turn them in every Friday.

A copy of the Practice Journal can be found in the above attachment of the Band Handbook.

What we should be working on at home:

7th & 8th Advanced Band Grade Students:   

  Continue to prepare your music by practicing  and playing with a full beautiful tone.  We are working out of our band book, scales, and sheet  music.  The students have done a great job.  Bb Concert, Ab Concert, Eb.  We are moving right along. Remember, play music with style, not just notes on the paper.

Monday:   Warm-up. Circle of Life, Hanging Tree

Tuesday:  No Class

Wednesday: Sectionals  Hanging Tree, Circle of Life
Thursday:   No Class

Friday:   Full Band.  Harry Potter. Hunger Games. Circle of Life   Practice Journal due

7th Grade Students:

The students are currently working selections out of our band book
Monday:  Warm-up.  Scales  Book #155, # 156
:  Warm-up on Scales. Do-Re-Mi.  My Heart

Wednesday: Scales.  New Music.  Do-Re-Mi.  My Heart

Thursday:  Scales. March

Friday: Scales.   MarchPractice Journal Due.

6th Grade Band Students:

Welcome!  We are very excited that you are part of our band program.  You are off to a great start. 
During the week we will break into small groups.  On Friday we will put the full band together after a short warm-up.  The students are excited to hear the other sections progress.  Our practice journals are due on Friday.  Keep up the great work. 

Monday:   Scales.  Book     
Tuesday:  Scales. Book, New Music

Wednesday:  Scales. Book Do-Re-Mi.  My Heart, Mission Impossible

Scales, Book, March.  Do-Re-Mi.  My Heart

Friday: Scales. Book, March, Mission Impossible


Concerts are a chance for band students to showcase all the work they have put into their music.  It is important to remember to check the calendar in the Band Handbook for the next concert.  Concerts take place in the evenings to allow for a better chance for working parents to see their children perform. 

A copy of the band calendar can be found in the above attachment of the Band Handbook.

6th Grade Band Concert:    GREAT FIRST CONCERT!

                                                                                                Next:  Spring Concert Monday May 9th at HS


7th Grade Band:   GREAT FIRST CONCERT!      

                       Next:  Spring Concert Monday May9th at HS

8th Grade Band: 

                            Wonderful full band sound.  PROUD OF YOU!


        Spring Concert  Monday May 9th at HS

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is open to any advance band member that is interested in learning and performing jazz music.  The band will be comprised of students from Edgewood and Lakeview Middle school. Invitations are given to select beginning band students by the band director.  Rehearsals will be determined by our first call out meeting.  Please keep checking for updates.

 THANK YOU for your interest in Jazz Band this year.  We will be starting Jazz Band at the end of September. Monday night from 6-7 pm at Edgewood Middle School. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

We will give 4 performance this year. 


 ALL-REGION BAND:  CONGRATULATIONS TO the following students that were chosen for the All-Region Honor Band:

Chloe Romak-EW
Hannan Slabach-EW

Hannah Hopkins-EW

Phoebe Schmidt-EW

Lexi Gensch-EW

Ian Peloza-EW

Isaac Neely-EW


MItchell Adams-LV

Ethan Gottschalk-LV

Diego Niebbia-LV

Nicholas Bazzoni-LV


Congratulations to: JOSH FISHER!!!  Josh made the Three Rivers Honor Band. 

Our fundraiser has ended.  Thank you for your support of the band department.

SHIRT ORDERS:  Shirts, I have extras


Edgewood earned 24 GOLD MEDALS adn 1 SILVER MEDAL.  Everyone that competed did a FANTASTIC JOB.  It was a beautiful Staurday and it was a perfect day for our Edgewood Band students.  Great Job!!!!!



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