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Created: Sep 30, 2008
Updated: Aug 17, 2016
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7th Grade Literature

7th Grade Literature is the beginning reading class at Edgewood Middle School.  In this sememster long class students will be introduced to beginning Literary Knowledge.  In this class, Partner, Individual, Choral, and whole class reading strategies will be used.  As a teacher I am extremely excited to be teaching this subject matter as well as being introduced to new students.  With the help of all students in Edgewood Middle School we will have a GREAT year.

-Mr. Cook

Class Information
Things to Remember When Emailing Me.

Please remember that my email should be used for school related purposes.  If you need to send me an assignment, ask me about an assignment, ask me about class, if you are absent and need absent work, emails of this nature are fine.  Parents, you are also welcome to email me about your student or work they may need to complete.  Email's of a Personal Nature will not be read or replied to.  Please keep email's Professional.

This means:

1.  Use complete sentences

2.  No slang, Instant Messaging language, or Profanity.  If Profanity is used, the email will be reported to an Administrator.

3.  Be clear and concise in the title of the email.  This will alleviate any confusion on the contents of the email.

4.  Make sure you are completing your thoughts so I have a clear understanding of the email.

Thank you for following these small stipulations.  I hope to be prompt and quick in response to all emails.  Thank you and have a GREAT DAY!

-Mr. Cook

Lesson Plans: August 15th through August 19th

Required Materials for class everyday:  IPad and your thinking Cap. 



-Study Focus: Getting to know you.

-Issue Origami challenge.


-Study Focus:  Getting to know you.

-Create Personality Flag.


-Study Focus:  Poetry Workshop.

-Give short presentation on personality flag.

-Introduce Hyperbole.


-Study Focus:  Poetry Workshop.

-Review Hyperbole.


-Study Focus:  Poetry Workshop

-Work on poetry.

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