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A Montage of Musical Experiences
The musical score:
1.   Boys chorus - TTBB
2.   Girls chorus - SSA
3.   Music Technology

* S = 1st Soprano, 2nd Soprano

* A = Alto

* T = 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor

* B = Baritone, Bass

Year end

Ensembles from the choir will perform songs during both lunch shifts, starting Tuesday, 05/23.

On Wednesday, 5/24, a mixed ensemble will perform Try Everything, from Zootopia.

Friday, 5/26/ a girls ensemble will sing Thank You For the Music, from the musical Mamma Mia.

Tuesday, 5/30, mixed ensemble will perform Dancing Queen, by ABBA and performed in Mamma Mia.

Wednesday, 5/31, girls ensemble will perform The Boy From New York City and the boys chorus will sing All American Men.

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