Halfway Through!

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Its hard to believe, but it is already time for midterms for the first quarter of the 2013-2014 school year!  It amazes me every year how fast it always seems to fly by on both a daily basis and overall.

Since I teach three different classes, its hard to keep all the updates and pictures going.  I thought we had a way with the use of our class Twitter page, but then the school blocked the server with the firewall...we in the science department are lobbying hard to get it back.  We have found it extremely useful in getting parents to see what their students are doing in real time.

So far, in all the classes, we have built Marble Coasters, developed End Effectors, broken Chocolate Bars, raced Balloon Cars, designed, tested, and marketed Travel Mugs, and chosen research topics for the International First Lego League Competition that first sees competition in October.  No wonder the year has gone fast!

Since so many of the students and parents are embracing our digital age that we live in, connect with the class on twitter.  My handle is #MrsSwanginScience.  You'll be able to see pictures of what is happening in class, even if it means posting after school to beat the firewall


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