PHONES:  Students are reminded to turn off phones and put them away when entering the building. This includes when you arrive before school and are waiting in the commons. If a student needs to contact their parent, he or she is to receive permission from an administrator, nurse or their teacher to call on a school phone.
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When a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian must contact the school by 9:00 a.m. on the day of each absence. If the parent does not contact the school within 24 hours of the absence, the absence is considered unexcused or truant. Unexcused absences or truancies can result in the student being assigned to a Friday School. Students are also reminded that they are allowed only seven days of absence during each semester. Students who exceed the limit of absences run the risk of not earning credit for the classes they miss. A parent letter for upcoming vacations is requested about a week in advance if possible.
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*All 7th grade students & all 1st quarter 8th grade students will need their PE uniform by the end of the first week of school!  (we ALL start in PE)

*2nd quarter 8th grade students will need their uniform the first day of the quarter.

*PE uniforms can be purchased at

Reneker’s Sporting Goods on Detroit St. Warsaw

*All girls in PE will be required to have a school-issued padlock for their locker (purchase at school).  No store bought locks!

*Our PE department is collecting Box Tops for needed PE supplies and equipment!  Stay tuned for further information.  (The fall submission due date is Oct. 31st)

For further questions or information, contact Mrs. Rhoades ( or Mr. Brumbaugh (
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The updated Dress Code Procedures for Edgewood Middle School are attached.

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Edgewood students were invited to nominate teachers who had made a difference to them during 2nd nine weeks.  We are all proud and happy to be able to make a difference in our students' lives, just as they make a difference in our lives!  Thanks to the families who have sent us such a tremendous batch of students!
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