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iPad Info for End of School Year
The 8th graders may purchase their iPads at the end of the year for $45 cash or check made to WCS.  They must have money the day of collections. Students are not allowed to leave money on the last day of school to purchase device!

Starting May 1st, we will not be sending out 8th-grade uninsured devices to be repaired unless they could cause bodily injury due to broken glass.  It is in the best interest of the student to purchase their "broken" device for $45 rather than paying the much larger cost to repair. If the student decides not to purchase the broken device we will send it out over the summer to be repaired and the parents will be billed the repair cost. All insured devices still need to follow normal repair procedures to ensure the repair is made before the end of the year when the policies with Worth Ave. Group concludes for the 2017-18 school year.   

Ipads will be collected on May 24.  7th graders must turn in their iPad, but may keep their bricks and cables.  8th graders may elect to either return their iPad, brick and cable or purchase the iPad for $45.

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