As we prepare for the first quarter honor roll reception, we wanted to share an important change to the Edgewood honor roll program.  This year, we will be following the Cum Laude system for recognition.  This system is based on a 4 point scale and will have three levels of recognition.  This is the same GPA recognition system being used at the high school.  Each student's quarterly GPA will be calculated and the following grade point system will be used: Cum Laude:  3.5 - 3.69  These students will receive an honor roll certificate.

Magnum Cum Laude:  3.7 - 3.89  These students will receive a silver lantern and an honor roll certificate with a silver honors sticker.

Summa Cum Laude:  3.9 - 4  These students will receive a gold lantern and an honor roll certificate with a gold honors sticker.

This will replace the old honor roll model of all A's (high honors) and all A's and B's (honors)  Students can access their first quarter GPA by looking at Power School.  Please note:  A student may have earned three A's and 4 B's and not meet the GPA for Cum Laude.   Invitations will be distributed to eligible students by the end of the week. Honor Roll Reception Dates for first quarter will be at 8:00 a.m.:  November 16 for 7th grade, November 17 for 8th grade.

During the transition from 12 point to 4 point scale:  PowerSchool will calculate on a 12 point scale while the classes of 2018 and 2019 are enrolled because those classes are still on a 12 point scale.  The grades are changed from a 12 point to a 4 point scale once they are stored. The system will transition to a 4 point scale starting in the 2019-2020 school year after the 12 point classes have graduated. Students can manually calculate current semester GPA by assigning each of their credit courses the following values, summing those numbers, and dividing by the number of credit courses enrolled:

A+: 4.0

A: 4.0

A-: 3.7

B+: 3.3

B: 3.0

B-: 2.7

C+: 2.3

C: 2.0

C-: 1.7

D+: 1.3

D: 1.0

D-: 0.7

F: 0.0
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Our PLTW instructor, Abbi Richcreek, promoted Engineering/ Technology Education & Robotics as a career at the WACC’s Non-Traditional Employment for Women (NEW) conference.

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The winners of the 4th enrichment bake-off is team "Elephants with Hats". Congratulations! This was the toughest competition ever as 6 teams competed. Everything was tasty. 

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Grilled cheese, soup and cocoa in Everyday Skills class.  Perfect for a rainy, gloomy day!

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Yoga!  Namaste!

To complete our study of Ancient India, our administrative secretary Mrs. Leek visited the 7th grade social studies classes and spent a few minutes teaching us about the yoga of excercise.  We learned relaxation techniques, good posture for sitting and standing, and well-known yoga poses such as tree and warrior.

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