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Starting today, May 4th your technology team is ramping up support to finish out the year strong!  

We now have a tech support person available at Central Office M-F 8am-3pm...We have someone answering the tech support line so students or parents can call 574.371.5088. 

Our entire team is still working diligently, to provide remote support over the phone, through Google Meet, and by setting up appointments where needed to troubleshoot our students issues at Central Office.

If a student is having technical problems, you have multiple ways to reach us for support.

Did you know?

Each student iPad has a TechSupport link/icon on the home screen? Students can quickly fill out a form for help and their tech will get in touch and work with them directly!

We are here to help finish out this school year strong! We look forward to hearing from our students as we work hard to keep classes running smoothly no matter where they are being taught from!

Avenues of support:

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