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Congratulations to these four Edgewood students!  They were selected to be a part of the all-region honor band!
Matheson on baritone, Morgan on flute, Jackson on clarinet, and Michael on trumpet.
We are so proud of our Tigers!
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Change of Date:  Now Dec. 11-15

Celebrating College and Continuing Education, and Graduating from High School!
Here are Edgewood's scheduled activities for the week:

College Go Week:  
December 11-15:

Monday: Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday: Hats off for Graduation

Wednesday: Dress for Success

Thursday: Door decorating contest

Friday: School spirit day
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Edgewood staff cares about our students, all staff, all students. Even our nurses care! Look at the beautiful bulletin board in their office, created to inspire any student who comes for a visit!
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Speech Team will be starting soon! We need members for our team. Coach Anders has included information - just click on this link! 

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The Edgewood Cares club met for the first time this school year. Their first project is to hold an auction to collect monies for hurricane victims.  Teachers are generously donating handmade items, fresh baked items, lunch in their classrooms, and free homework passes for students to bid on. We are all excited about these many fun opportunities as we work to help others!
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