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Paint Your Pet
Mrs. Johnson, Edgewood art teacher, worked with the Animal Welfare League, art classes, and staff members to inspire all to paint a picture of their pets.  
Students displayed their art work in our school and at the Lakeland Art Center.  These Advance Art students were invaluable at our Staff Pet Painting class.
Left to right Andon M, Megan M, Tiana K, and Dania P

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5023.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5028.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5034.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5036.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5038.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5042.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5043.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5045.JPG  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-5047.JPG
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