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DATE: Monday, September 23rd, 2019

LUNCH: Today’s menu choices are Honey Sriracha Chicken with Breadstick, Breaded Chicken Dill Sandwich, or PB Jamwich with String Cheese & Pretzels, Broccoli with Cheese, Wango Mango Juice, Choice of Fruit, and Milk.



October 11: First Grading Period Ends; 

October 16: Student Flu Shots 8:30-11:00a

October 17: 8th Grade Vision Screening


GAME CLUB - Thursdays 2:45-4:00p (Wise)

MANUFACTURING CLUB Meeting dates will be announced 2:45-4:00p STEM (Richcreek)


Tuesday 9/24- Cross Country Meet AWAY at Lincoln Jr. HS 4:30PM

                          Volleyball Game AWAY at Manchester start time of 5:00PM

                          Football Game HOME against Maple Creek start time of 5:30PM

Thursday 9/26- Volleyball HOME against Wawasee start time of 5:00PM

Saturday 9/28- Volleyball AWAY at Westview start time of 9:00AM

                          Cross Country Meet AWAY at Culver Academy start time of 9:00AM


*High school credit classes are exempt from EMS homework guidelines. 

Monday: 8th Math, 8th History, 7th Math, 7th ELA

Tuesday: 8th ELA, 8th Science, 7th Science, 7th Social Studies,

Wednesday/Thursday: 8th Math, 8th Science, 8th ELA, 7th Science, 7th Math, 7th ELA,  Electives

Friday: 8th Science, 7th ELA, 7th Social Studies

MESSAGES Phone calls and messages to students should be limited to emergencies only and any message or transportation issues received after 2:00p to the office may not be communicated with the student due to time constraints. 

ID CARDS Each student must wear a clearly visible student photo identification card on a break-away lanyard each day at Edgewood Middle School. Replacements will cost $4.00 for an ID and $1.00 for a lanyard. Unpaid ID’s will result in school consequences. 

APPOINTMENTS Please send a note to school with your student if you are picking your student up early. The student is to bring the note to the office before school begins for a pass to come to the office before your arrival time. After the appointment, please bring in the slip from a medical appointment for your student’s files.

EMS DRESS CODE PROCEDURES Edgewood will permit holes in the jeans that are fingertip length and below. All tank tops and shirts must have shoulder coverage that is ID width.  Under garments should not be visible. No midriff shirts showing any skin.  Students wearing leggings must wear a long enough shirt that covers their front and back side. Skirts and shorts are to be fingertip length.

Students who violate the foregoing rules will not be admitted to class and should be sent to the front office. This will be addressed by teachers and the administrative staff.  These rules are in place so that we are demonstrating modesty as well as keeping the focus on the academic success for all students. Anything that is distracting to the educational environment is not appropriate attire for Edgewood Middle School.  Please consider how it looks through the eyes of a middle school student and would it be distracting to their learning.


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