When:  Saturday, September 14 @ 8:00 a.m.
Where:  WCHS cross country course
Cost:  $25, which includes a Tiger Invite t-shirt printed by the Edgewood STEM department (if you register by Aug. 30)

This is a benefit race for the Edgewood Parents as Partners in Education (PPE).  It is a great time for Food, Fun, and Friends!  Awards are given per age group.  Come out and join in!

To register online, go to:

For more information, see the following:  
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School Pictures for Edgewood will be on Friday, September 13.  All students will have their picture taken for the yearbook.  Parents are also able to purchase picture packages from our local photo shop, Blosser's.  Order forms will be sent home a week before picture day, or you may order online at any time using the following link:

Once you open this link, just click on Edgewood.
Bring your best smiles, Edgewood students!
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The first few days Mrs. Adamiec foregoes the normal Rules and Expectations dialog so she and her students can get to know each other a little bit. Students collaborate on one presentation by creating a slide about themselves. These slides include two truths and a lie about the student and images of things that are important to them. The students then present their slides and the class tries to guess the lie. 

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Welcome to Edgewood’s first cooking labs! Everyday Skills students made play dough and Successful Living students made cinnamon twists.   Play dough, cinnamon twists and cocoa. Mmmm - what a great day!

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All parents are strongly encouraged to purchase iPad insurance.  The deadline is August 30, and the cost is only $29.  This is a bargain!  In middle school, iPads fall off desks, get squished in backpacks, and are forgotten in classrooms when students leave, which can lead to unexpected damages.  Simply replacing a screen that gets shattered costs between $79 - $195, depending on the extent of damage.  Shattered screens were the most common problem with student iPads last school year.  

Information about insurance:

The link for iPad insurance is as follows:
Link for Worth Avenue Insurance Form for Warsaw
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