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DATE: Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

LUNCH: Today’s menu choices Steak & Gravy with Roll, Pepperoni Pizza Pocket, or Turkey Sandwich, Fresh Veggie Mix, Mashed Potatoes, Choice of Fruit, and Milk.

The Forget Princess, I want to be an Engineer program will be held during SRT on Thursday, November 7th. You will join a group mentored by a female engineer while doing a hands-on activity. Pink enrollment sheets may be picked up during lunch at the podium for your parents to sign and turned in to the office by Friday October 11th. Space is limited to 50 participants. 

Don’t forget to bring in gently used cold weather outerwear for our annual Coat Drive.  Please bring your donations of coats and winter wear to school to the stage by October 18. 

MANUFACTURING CLUB will meet tomorrow from 2:45-4:00p.

Today’s Cross Country NELMSC meet will be held at Camp Crosley starting at 5:30p.

It's that time of year again for Boxtop submissions!  Our Edgewood PE department collects Boxtops donations to purchase PE equipment. Please turn in any Boxtops you have to one of the PE teachers by Oct. 22nd.  No special submission forms needed. Be sure to check with family and friends that may collect and not have a place to turn them in! We need to have our submission ready for mailing by the end of the month.  Thank you in advance!  

Congratulations to the Spell Bowl team who placed first in last night’s area competition with a total of 54 correctly-spelled words! A special recognition goes to Milind K. and Var B. who scored a perfect round in the competition. Great job, Spell Bowl team!



October 11: First Grading Period Ends; 

October 16: Student Flu Shots 8:30-11:00a

October 17: 8th Grade Vision Screening; 

October 23-25: Fall Break

October 31: 9a 7th Grade Honor Roll Reception

November 1: 8a 8th Grade Honor Roll Reception

November 18-22 American Education Week 

November 15: Quarter 2 Midterm

December 1: Deadline for permission slip and payment for 8th Grade Chicago Shakespeare Trip

February 18:  8th Grade Chicago Shakespeare Trip


CHARACTER CREATION CLUB meets every other Tuesday after school until 4:00 library (Eberhardt)

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN STUDENTS Tuesdays at 7:00a (Brumbaugh)

GAME CLUB - Thursdays 2:45-4:00p (Wise)

MANUFACTURING CLUB 10/9 meeting dates to be announced 2:45-4:00p STEM (Richcreek)

SPELL BOWL Spell Bowl competition 5p Oct 7th EMS (Halferty)


Tuesday 10/8- Cross Country Meet NELMSC at Camp Crosley start time of 5:30p

                          VB NELMSC played at EMS start time of 5:00p

Thursday 10/10 FB NELMSC Championship Game played at Lakeview (not sure of teams playing until after game on Monday)


*High school credit classes are exempt from EMS homework guidelines. 

Monday: 8th Math, 8th History, 7th Math, 7th ELA

Tuesday: 8th ELA, 8th Science, 7th Science, 7th Social Studies,

Wednesday/Thursday: 8th Math, 8th Science, 8th ELA, 7th Science, 7th Math, 7th ELA,  Electives

Friday: 8th Science, 7th ELA, 7th Social Studies

IPAD POLICY Student iPads are the property of WCS. Inappropriate use of a school device can result in the loss of device privileges. Students must also have their iPad at school and fully charged at the start of every day. Failure to come to school prepared may result in consequences. Gaming resulting in a disruption of learning will be an automatic removal of ALL non-school issued gaming apps.

MESSAGES Phone calls and messages to students should be limited to emergencies only and any message or transportation issues received after 2:00p to the office may not be communicated with the student due to time constraints. 

ID CARDS Each student must wear a clearly visible student photo identification card on a break-away lanyard each day at Edgewood Middle School. Replacements will cost $4.00 for an ID and $1.00 for a lanyard. Unpaid ID’s will result in school consequences. All middle and high school students will be issued ID badges. Students are not to deface the card.  Unusable cards need to be replaced at the student's expense immediately. The identification badge is to be attached to a lanyard and worn around the student’s neck at all times. ID badges will also be used in the library for checking out materials. Students who lose or deface their ID badges will be subject to school discipline such as eating lunch last since cafeteria staff will have to enter names manually. WCS Parent-Student Handbook pg 37.

EMS TARDY POLICY  Students will be counted tardy to class if they are not in the class by the time the bell to start class rings. Consequences for being tardy to class are as follows: 1st Tardy=Warning, 2nd Tardy=Lunch Detention, 3rd Tardy=2nd Lunch Detention, 4th Tardy=After School Detention, 5th Tardy=Friday School 

EMS CELL PHONE POLICY Students may have their cell phone with them but should put it away once they enter the building.  This includes when you arrive before school and are waiting in the commons. If a student needs to contact their parent, he or she is to receive permission from an administrator, nurse or their teacher to call on a school phone.

Students are not to use electronic devices during the school day with the exception of iPads and school computers.  We continue to enforce the rule that phones must be turned off and remain off until the dismissal bell. We also are now adding the expectations that Apple Watches etc. not be used for texting or other non school purposes during the school day.  Students who are using their watches for non-educational purposes will receive an office referral.

OUR MISSION: Edgewood will maximize student learning.

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