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DATE: Friday, May 24th, 2019

LUNCH: Today’s cookout menu:  Grilled Hamburger, Baked Beans, Carrots, Doritos, Choice of Fruit, and Milk. No ala carte items will be sold.

Locker Cleanout will be held during SRT today. All trash is to be removed from lockers and placed in nearby trash cans.  

Any 7th grade student interested in running Cross Country next fall, see Miss Nelson to pick up summer running information.

Edgewood’s attendance competition continues. At the end of day 3 the 7th grade was ahead of the 8th graders.  The 7th grade had 4% of students absent this week while the 8th grade had 6% absent.

Attention any 7th grader in periods 2, 4, and 6 - if you still need to work on your Historical Twin project you may come to Mrs. Fisher's or Mr. Halferty's room during any class period today to work if your teacher gives you permission.

We will follow a special schedule today. This morning is the Awards’ Programs. The 7th grade program will begin at 7:45am. The 8th grade program will begin at 9:35a. Bells will be turned off during the program. Teachers, please check the awards program and be ready in the order listed to present your awards.  We expect students to be on their best behaviour today. Parents will be attending the programs today. This afternoon students will have outside activities.  



AM (7:10-7:25)

Car/East Side:    Janelle Rhoades

Bus/West Side:   Dylan Ringler Edith Rohrer

PM (2:40-3:00)

Car/East Side:   Abbi Richcreek

Bus/West Side: Kami Toumey Monica Price


AM (7:10-7:25)  

Matthew Wise


May 24: Special Schedule Last Student Day: AM Awards/PM Outside Fun;Cafeteria Cookout


Updates: Parents please update your address in PS or contact the office as report cards will be mailed.

Awards Program

The end of year awards programs will be hosted in the gym on Friday, May 24.  The 7th grade awards program will be from 7:45 a.m. - 9:25 a.m. The 8th grade program will run from 9:35 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Unfortunately, not every student will receive an award, but we do our best to recognize as many students as possible.  Parents and family members are welcome to join us at the awards program.


May 24: AM Awards Program/PM Outside Fun - last student day


*High school credit classes are exempt from EMS homework guidelines.

Monday: 8th Math, 8th History, 7th Math, 7th ELA

Tuesday: 8th ELA, 8th Science, 7th Science, 7th Social Studies

Wednesday/Thursday: 8th Math, 8th Science, 8th ELA, 7th Science, 7th Math, 7th ELA,  Electives

Friday: 8th Science, 7th ELA

MESSAGES Phone calls and messages to students should be limited to emergencies only and any message or transportation issues received after 2:20p to the office may not be communicated with the student due to time constraints.

ID CARDS Each student must wear a clearly visible student photo identification card on a break-away lanyard each day at Edgewood Middle School. Replacements will cost $4.00 for an ID and $1.00 for a lanyard. Unpaid ID’s will result in school consequences.

APPOINTMENTS Please send a note to school with your student if you are picking your student up early. The student is to bring the note to the office before school begins for a pass to come to the office before your arrival time. After the appointment, please bring in the slip from a medical appointment for your student’s files.

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