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DATE: Thursday, May 16th, 2019

LUNCH: Today’s menu choices are Hamburger, Breaded Chicken Sandwich, or Italian Sub Sandwich, Baked Beans, Twister Fries, Choice of Fruit, and Milk.

We are having an attendance competition for students and staff.  It will be 7th grade vs 8th grade for which grade has the best attendance next week!  Winning class gets ice cream with toppings!! Ice cream will be served during the party at the end of the day Friday, May 24th.

Incoming 9th grader girls interested in playing WCHS Soccer are welcome to come to an informational meeting with their parents next Thursday, May 23rd at 5:00p in the bleachers of the varsity soccer field.  

The raffle drawing has been moved to Friday's SRT to allow students one more lunch shift to purchase raffle tickets.

Reminder from our librarian, bring in your Overdue Books to the library this week. We don’t want you to be billed for your lost books. Check out your locker, car and at home for overdue books!

Mrs. Richcreek's Automation & Robotics 6th period class are to wear closed toed shoes & long pants today for the field trip.

Student Ambassadors will have training today after school until 3:45p for those that didn’t attend the first session. These sessions are mandatory to be able to lead student tours for 6th graders during the last week of school.

Game Club will meet today after school utnil 4:00p.

Today we will follow our Thursday Even Block schedule allowing time for NWEA testing.


Awards Program 

The end of year awards programs will be hosted in the gym on Friday, May 24.  The 7th grade awards program will be from 7:45 a.m. - 9:25 a.m. The 8th grade program will run from 9:35 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Unfortunately, not every student will receive an award, but we do our best to recognize as many students as possible.  Parents and family members are welcome to join us at the awards program.


May 13-16: Spring NWEA Testing will take place in math and language arts classes only.

May 14: 11:30 PPE meeting - everyone invited. Even Schedule NWEA; 3:00p Dodgeball Tournament

May 15: Odd Block Schedule NWEA

May 16: Even Schedule NWEA

May 21: 7th graders buy iPads; Choir & Band Program

May 23: Cafeteria Cookout

May 24: AM Awards Program/PM Outside Fun - last student day


Game Club- last mtg 5/23 2:45-4:00p Thursdays (Wise)

Fellowship of Christian Students FCS 7a Tuesdays (Brumbaugh)


*High school credit classes are exempt from EMS homework guidelines.

Monday: 8th Math, 8th History, 7th Math, 7th ELA

Tuesday: 8th ELA, 8th Science, 7th Science, 7th Social Studies

Wednesday/Thursday: 8th Math, 8th Science, 8th ELA, 7th Science, 7th Math, 7th ELA,  Electives

Friday: 8th Science, 7th ELA

MESSAGES Phone calls and messages to students should be limited to emergencies only and any message or transportation issues received after 2:20p to the office may not be communicated with the student due to time constraints.

APPOINTMENTS Please send a note to school with your student if you are picking your student up early. The student is to bring the note to the office before school begins for a pass to come to the office before your arrival time. After the appointment, please bring in the slip from a medical appointment for your student’s files.

All 7th-grade WCS students that are enrolled through the end of the 2018-2019 school year will be eligible to purchase their iPad mini2s for $1.00. Purchases will be paid for by the student on Tuesday May 21st. Early sales will not be permitted. All invoices for device repairs or missing items MUST be paid in full prior to the building purchase date. Late sales will not be permitted. Each 8th grade student will receive a full sized device from WCS at the start of the year, and will receive a new iPad at the start of their 9th grade year. Please call (574) 371-5049 if you have any questions or would like to check outstanding balances.

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