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eLearning Day Information for Secondary Parents

The first eLearning Day for 2017‐2018 for Warsaw Community Schools will take place on
Saturday, February 17, 2018. This day and March 17th have been scheduled to make up school
days that have been missed due to dangerous weather conditions. Making up lost
instructional time in this manner allows students to be dismissed for the summer in late May as opposed to June.

eLearning Day Procedures

All student assignments for the eLearning Day will be posted by 9:00 a.m. on the district and school web site. The district website may be accessed by visiting and the school web site may be accessed by visiting
http://yourschool (ie: All lessons will
be organized by school and teacher. Each teacher’s page will provide specific instructions for
the assignments to be completed or links to commonly used learning tools such as Canvas.
The assignments may be completed on the actual eLearning Day or may be completed and
turned in any time prior to the start of school on the following Thursday, February 22, 2018.
Completion of the assignments will allow the student to be counted as in attendance on the
eLearning Day. Any student who fails to turn in the assignments by the deadline will be counted absent for the eLearning Day.

On the eLearning Day, teachers may be contacted by email or other established means of
communication with any questions about assignments. Additionally, a technology support line
will be available for any general technology questions by calling 574‐371‐5088 from

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

eLearning Day Resources

Also, for individuals that do not have Internet connectivity at home, students may use the
wireless network that extends out into the parking lot around all of our school buildings or use
the free wireless Internet service and/or computers at the Warsaw Community Public Library.
Finally, one computer lab in each middle school and the WCHS Media Center will be open for
one hour each day after school on Tuesday, 
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Each nine weeks, students have the opportunity to nominate an adult teacher or staff member who has made a difference in their lives.
Pictured are many of the teachers nominated by students during the third nine weeks.
All teachers are pleased to work with our students, and it means so much to know we are making a difference. 
We want our parents to know that your children are also making a difference in our lives. We love our Edgewood students!
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Mrs. Johnson is leading a three day series of ways to combat stress with her Enrichment Groups this quarter.  Activities included are: a Gratitude journal, Zentagles, Meditation and Yoga.
Mrs. Leek, Edgewood's Administrative Assistant, is a certified Yoga instructor and happily volunteered to help students learn basic techniques.
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Mrs. Akers is our Edgewood school nurse.  She encourages all our students to stay healthy and is always available to help!  
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Edgewood Middle School

Tiger Head

Dear Edgewood Parents,

We are excited to announce the start to the school year will be Monday, August 15, 2016.  If your children are riding the bus to school, you should be getting a letter from transportation about the pick up time for Monday morning.  Bus traffic will enter and exit on Logan.  If you are driving your student to school, please enter the front lot from Union Street.  Parent drop off will be in the front of the school.  Staff will be there to welcome you.

Buses will unload at 7:20 a.m. and all students will gather in the commons.  There will be staff handing out student schedules and maps.  Breakfast will be served and the bell will then ring at 7:35 for students to move to their first class.  Staff will be available to give directions and guide students.  

Students need to bring basic supplies to school including pencil, pen, paper, trapper keeper and/or book bag.  The bookstore supplies will be available the first day of school.  Most likely we will have a table set up in the commons if students need to purchase locks or other supplies.  iPads are scheduled to be distributed Monday afternoon.  

We hope to have a student assembly on the football field at 8:30 Monday morning.  We will go through the daily bell schedule, announce lunch shifts before 5th period and finish the day at 2:45.  Parent pick up will be lined up out front, coming in off of Union Street.  Please do not park in the faculty parking lot.  Simply get in the line and we will remind your students to quickly get into cars so we can keep the traffic moving.  Buses should depart by 2:50.  We have assistance from the WPD to make this transition run smoothly.

We will host a parent meeting Monday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m.  We will also host an open house once the construction is fully complete.  Lockers will be installed in January and we will make arrangements for coat storage as the weather cools down.  Both locker rooms will be available and this most likely will be recommended storage for coats.

The building should be completed by January 2017.  In the meantime, we will be providing construction updates in our daily announcements.  We appreciate everyone’s help, support and understanding during our renovation project.  We are going to have an amazing school when it is finished, but just so you know, it is already an incredible place for learning, even during construction.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this great transformation at Edgewood!!!

JoElla Smyth, Principal

Michael Casey, Assistant Principal
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Mr. Hindsley's students were privileged to hear from Jacqueline Schram of Grace College about studying abroad and connecting world languages to college/university study. We also enjoyed some pain (bread) and some jus d'orange during her visit. She was interactive and dynamic, and the students enjoyed listening to her
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Mr. Howett's science classes tested surface tension today.  They tested with two pennies, one with vaseline smeared on top and one regular penny.  One penny held more water than the other.  Can you guess which one it was?
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The biology class used their iPads, oxygen sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, and temperature probes to measure the rate of photosynthesis under different light intensities and temperatures.

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2015-2016 school supplies list is available here:
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This week students in Mr. Devlin and Mr. Howard's 8th grade social studies classes are presenting their National History Day projects. This year the projects focus on "leadership" and "legacy." The students research a significant person from history and then create a formal presentation. They then take part in the peer review process at the end of the presentations. Four groups took part in the regional competition in South Bend. One group placed first and the three other groups tied for third. All four groups will move on to the state competition.
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On Saturday February 7, seven Edgewoood students competed in the Indiana State School Music Association's Solo and & Ensemble Contest held at Carroll High School in Ft Wayne. With the guidance of their teacher, the students selected music for either a solo or for an ensemble ( 3 or more members) and performed their selection for a judge. While the students were performing, the judge provided written comments on 9 different music captions. After their performance, the students were then awarded their medals. "I was very proud of the students that performed at contest. All the students performing a solo had the opportunity to work with a piano accompanist and the students that performed in an ensemble showed great teamwork. All students have improved because of their preparation for this contest," stated Joseph Peloza, Middle School Band Director.

The students that competed at contest were:
Chloe Romack: solo Gold
Carly O'Hara: solo Gold
Isaac Neeley: solo Gold
Jarett Orr: solo Gold
Phoebe Schmidt: solo Gold
Chloe Romack, Hannah Slabaugh, Vanessa DeAngel, & Mckenzie: ensemble Gold

Upcoming events for the Edgewood Bands will include a concert on Tuesday March 10 at 7:00 pm in the Lakeview Auditorium and a performance at the ISSMA Organizational Contest held at North Manchester Jr./Sr. High School. The public is always encouraged to attend these free events.
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Warsaw Community Schools is a

Learn More!

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Our mission is to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.

Strategic Planning

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Mr. Cook wins first prize as he models his version of Muhammad Ali winning the gold medal as students read and answer questions in the Achieve 3000 program!

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Check out this gallery of student artwork!

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Check out An Art Teacher's Brag Page S Johnson EMS on facebook. I have created a facebook page to promote Edgewood's talented student artists. Many of these students start my class insisting that they can't draw, let alone paint! I make it my mission to change their mindset. My hope is that all my students will at least enjoy the creative process by the time they have finished their nine week rotation.

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Congratulations to the following students for making it to the next round of competition! It will take place at Grace College on 11/23.

Team Tornadoes: Matt Harstine, Zach Howard, Morgan Smith, Gabe Perez, Hannah Rice, Meredith Phipps, Michael Nunez, Grant Wolfe

Team Avalanche: Emily Brink, Caleb Warner, Sarah Meade, Marc Motter, Colette Smith, Grace Miller

Team Tsunami: Lucas Harvey, Jack Rhoades, Alexie Day, Joelle Messenger, Chloe Damron, Ella Knight, Rebekah Messman

Team Survivors: Larsen Angus, Bayley Dobbins, Rachel Smith, Jack Tucker, Lachlan Lennox, Paige Spratt, Brooklyn Lyon

Great Job to all teams!

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DATE: Tuesday, September 2, 2014


BIRTHDAYS: Monday: Doug Crawford and Maddisen McFarland;


LUNCH: Today’s menu choices are Chicken Poppers and Garlic Toast, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Yogurt Lunch, Cucumber Slices, Capri Mixed Vegetables, and Milk.


ANNOUNCEMENTS Next Monday, September 8, the library will be open from 2:45-4:00 for card game groups. Sign up is in the library if you are interested in playing card games after school.


Chess Club will begin on Monday September 8th after school until 4:00 in Mr. Devlin's room.


Art Club will have their first monthly meeting of the year after school until 4:30 in the art room.




Card Game Mondays in library 3-4pm (Eberhardt) Chess Club Mondays 3-4:00 (Mr. Devlin's room.) Art Club Tuesday September 2nd 3-4:30 monthly in the art room. (Mrs. Johnson)


Middle School football players and cheerleaders are admitted free into home Tiger football games. They must be wearing their football uniform tops for football players, and a team cheerleading shirt or outfit for cheerleaders. Once they enter – they need to keep their uniforms on and during the game and they must be in the middle school section during play. If they are horsing around and NOT in this section, we will be collecting their jerseys.


POWER LUNCH Students struggling with missing homework are assigned to PowerLunch for academic help during their lunch and SRT.


IMPORTANT DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS Students are NOT to be dropped off in the front or back parking lot. Cars are to come from Logan Street, turning onto the road behind Edgewood, to the parent pick up/drop off area next to the football field. Students are to exit their car ONLY from the passenger side of the car closest to the school entrance. We do not want students crossing the road even when there is no traffic. For safety reasons these rules must be followed, or students are encouraged to ride the bus.


MORNING BELLS: School is starting 5 minutes earlier. Buses will begin dropping off students at 7:15 a.m. The bell rings at 7:25 to dismiss 7th grade students to class. The bell rings for 8th grade at 7:30. All students are to be in class by 7:35 a.m.


ID grace period has ended. All Edgewood students are required to wear ID tags during school hours. On the first day of classes, each student will be provided with an ID tag. It is the responsibility of the student to wear the tag every day. Each time the student forgets to bring their tag, they must order a new tag and lanyard at the cost of $5.00. The parents are billed for every replacement tag. Please see that your student assumes this responsibility. This helps to insure the safety of all of our students.


OUR MISSION Our mission is to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.

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Looking for directions to another school?  Please click the following link: Directions-to-Schools_Other-Than-Edgewood.pdf

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Students need to wear their ID's on a daily basis. If they do not have an ID, they must report it to the office BEFORE 2nd period. Students who have not reported their missing ID before 2nd period will be assigned an after-school detention. Students will be issued a new ID and charged $5 to cover the processing fee.

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Warsaw Community Schools announces use of the “We Are Closed Today” online media notification system. This system will be used to notify parents, community members and staff of weather related school announcements. Parents, community members and staff may register with “We Are Closed Today” and receive email and/or text message notification when WCS needs to delay, close or dismiss school early due to weather conditions.

You can register for a free account at: In addition to this service, delays and cancellations will be posted on the Warsaw website:

Click on the below links for more information.

How to create an account.
Delays and Cancellations.

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Student 'How To' Videos

Click on the link below for a video tutorial:


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