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Hungry Planet
In social studies, Mrs. Fisher's students analyzed a series of posters called "Hungry Planet" to discover similarities and differences in diet among typical families around the world.  There were some interesting discoveries such as the family from Germany spends on average the most money per week but the family from Chad spent the least due to being in a refugee camp.  The United States on average eats the highest amount of calories and Chad has the lowest, Japan has be best life expectancy and Chad has the lowest. One family has two wives, two families have servants, and one family is mainly adults with only one child.  Foods really vary with guinea pig being common in Ecuador and seafood common in Japan whereas there's no meat on the table with the family in India.  There were many other unique things we learned and discussed with our final question being a debate on which family had the best overall diet based on the picture.  We couldn't come to a conclusion but we agreed that the food pictured for the families in Guatemala and India looked the most healthy. 

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