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Edgewood Bake-Off:  Scones
Congratulations to period 1 team “The Rolling Scones” for winning with their peppermint crunch flavored scones. Congratulations to period 3 team “The Rolling Scones”  for winning with their chocolate-mint flavored scones. Period 3 second place winners was team “The No Name Team” for their caramel topped cinnamon, brown sugar scones. Thank you judges.

Congratulations to Edgewood Middle School’s 2nd period FACS class for a successful scones bake-off. First place was team “Gamer Men” with a cooked, spiced, fresh apple topping. Second place was team “Peppa Pig Squad” with fruit scones. Third place was team “Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies” with a s’mores theme. Thank you judges! Yummy fun! 

Congratulations to Edgewood’s 4th period FACS class for a successful scones bake-off. The winning group was team “Golden Bakers” with a lemon raspberry flavor. 2nd place was team “Ghetto” and 3rd place was team “M.A.K.E. Scones”. Yummy food! Thank you judges! 

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